Soul Realignment (Akashic Records Reading & Clearing)

A Soul Realignment reading is a reading of your Akashic Records that is designed to help you realign to who you are at Soul level. The Akashic Records are like a database of information about every lifetime, and every choice in every lifetime, that you have made since your Soul was first created.

In a Soul Realignment Reading and Clearing, I will go into your Akashic Records to discover who you are at Soul level. This includes your divine nature, gifts, and talents, your Soul’s specializations, and the very energies that your Soul is made up of. This information about your Soul’s purpose and gifts allows you to bring your Soul’s natural energetic qualities and gifts into whatever you do in life.  Acting from your Soul’s divine nature in this way puts you into alignment with receiving greater energy from Divine Source, which puts you in a greater flow of abundance, joy, and purpose in your life, especially with the blocks and restrictions cleared!

In this Soul Realignment reading, we will also uncover and clear blocks and restrictions from past and current lives. These blocks and restrictions can create challenges or “stuck” areas in your life, and also keep you from accessing all of your divine gifts and talents. The clearing work can therefore help you live your Soul’s purpose more fully, free up more of your gifts and talents, undo blocks and restrictions in your current life, and basically, live more fully from your True Self, your Divinity. This clearing work is therefore VERY powerful, transformative, and healing!!

How it works

At the time of booking your Soul Realignment Reading & Clearing, I will need the following information from you, to access your Akashic Records: Full name currently, full name at birth, date of birth, place of birth.

I will then access your Akashic Records and obtain the information on my own time. We will schedule a 1 ½ hour phone call where I will share with you the information I found. You will receive a LOT of information about who you are at Soul level, and the blocks and restrictions you have faced, so the phone call will be recorded for you to listen again in the future if you wish.

I will do clearing of your Akashic Records for you, and I will also assign you very brief, customized “homework” for you to do for 21 days straight, to complete the clearing process.

Investment for a Soul Realignment Session:  $333

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Testimonials for Soul Realignment Readings & Clearings

“What an amazing reading of my Soul.”  – SS

“I wanted to thank you for your help, your work really helped me. I’ve seen many changes- I have felt things changing and shifting in the right direction. Once I finished the “homework ” and even while I was doing it, I could feel as if things were being lifted off my shoulders.  It was really interesting but people kept telling me that I looked good, really,really good!  I guess that when you’re feeling  at peace, it definitely shows!  Thank you, thank you, thank you for your kind and compassionate work- you are truly gifted!”  – V.C.

“Taruna recently performed a soul realignment reading for me, and it provided tremendous insight into virtually all aspects of my life. The reading and the associated home assignments have proven very helpful; there are noticeable positive changes in the way that I structure my days and in the way that I relate to others.” – S.P., Chesterfield, MO

“In general I have a new found peace, a positive view on things.  Before when I would think of something i would go into negative mode, playing out the next encounter. The grip it had on me was sad, unproductive and crippling.  Now when a thought of an unpleasant memory pops up, I feel it has been neutralized. I think I remember that, yeah it hurt my feelings and now it doesn’t. It’s freeing and wonderful…Thank you again for this wonderful gift.”  – KL

“Thank you for offering me this incredible opportunity. So many thoughts are rushing thru my head. The one that stands out the most is you had found the wounded me.  Everything you brought to light was a relief to hear. I could now move forward with love. I can open my heart, I can release my fears and in some cases shame. It’s fascinating to know the correlation between my past lives and my (physical health issues). It makes so much sense!   How wonderful to be able to accept the past and to know how great the future will be. It is great to know for the first time in my life I’m in the right place doing the right thing for me. Thank you Taruna. You are incredible. You have so much joy, peace and love to offer the world. I feel very fortunate to be a part of it.”  – KL

“After my Soul Realignment Reading from Taruna, I feel like like I know the most important soul level information about myself.  This helped me realize who I really am, why I’ve had some life-long problems, and how much freedom of choice I really have now.  This has made my decision making easy ever since, and I feel like I have better access to vital source energy!”  – VB

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