Akashic Records Readings

Your Akashic Records can be a valuable resource in helping you create the life that you desire, while clearing blocks and restrictions that create struggle in your life.  Please check out the Soul Realignment page to find out more about this basic Akashic Records reading & clearing.

In addition to the Soul Realignment Session, here are many other ways that an Akashic Records reading can benefit you.  Please contact Taruna if you would like more information or to book a session!

Creating the Future with the Akashic Records

This reading is for you if you have something specific that you would like to manifest in your life (such as an income goal, a relationship, and health goal, etc.).  We will access information from your Akashic Records to provide you with specific actions that you can take that are likely to get you to your goal, and which actions are less likely to work for you.   This information can help streamline your efforts and guide you in how to best go about creating what you want!  (1 ½ hour session).

Life Situation Reading

Are you experiencing challenges in life, or feel stuck with manifesting something that you would like to create?  In this reading, we will access information from your Akashic Records to identify and clear blocks and restrictions that are contributing to your challenges.  These blocks and restrictions may stem from past and/or current lives.  (1 ½ hour recorded session)

Life Lesson Reading

Have you wondered what your Soul came into this human incarnation to experience?  Understanding the life lessons that your Soul chose for this lifetime can be hugely valuable in making sense of your life experiences.  By deciding to align with the positive aspects of your life lessons, you can also create less struggle and more ease and flow in you life.  (1 hour recorded reading)

Relationship Reading

This reading is for all types of relationships, whether romantic, parent-child, business partnerships, siblings, close friends, etc.  In this 1 1/2 hour recorded reading, you will discover –

  • Who each of you is at Soul level, what each of your Soul level needs are, and how you can better understand and honor each other
  • How many lifetimes you have shared together, and the nature of your relationships in prior lives
  • Whether karmic patterns are being replayed in the relationship, and if so, how to understand and clear them
  • Each person’s life lesson that is played out in the relationship
  • Understanding and clearing blocks and restrictions that may exist in the relationship, and/or for each person individually in relationships

Spirit Guide Reading

In this 1 1/2 hour recorded reading, you will receive detailed information about your Spirit Guide team. This includes discovering –

  • Who your Spirit Guides are and why you chose them as your Guides for this lifetime.
  • What role each of your Guides plays on your Team
  • How each of your Guides impulse you to let you know they are with you or to get your attention
  • Specific messages from each of your Guides

Chakra Analysis Session

In this reading, you will receive information about the functioning of each of your 8 major chakras at the physical, emotional and mental levels.  This reading provides a very detailed overview of what areas of your life you are focusing on and which life areas you are neglecting, resulting in imbalances in your life.  These imbalances can show up as struggles or difficulty manifesting what you want.  By understanding how you are directing your vital force energy into your life, you can correct any imbalances and create more ease and flow in your life.  (1 ½ hour recorded session).

For more information or to schedule a session, please contact Taruna!