While individual results vary, the following testimonials will give you an idea of some of Taruna’s prior work. Energy healing in particular results from an interaction between the client’s Highest Self and Universal Source energy. Each person therefore receives the perfect healing for their highest good at the time.

“You and our work together has been on my mind so much lately, and I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting upon the role you played in the life I have created. I’m well into my third trimester and my son is looking healthy and strong with each doctor’s visit. I am truly in the relationship that I wrote about with you – down to details that I have to laugh at because they are exactly qualities and experiences I outlined in the creation process…All of this is to say that I couldn’t be more appreciative of our work together. You played a vital role in shifting my approach to relationships and to myself, and there aren’t words to thank you enough. Your wisdom and healing stays with me in a way that makes me want to tell everyone that they don’t have to struggle and that there is a different (better) path if you’re willing to consider it. I know everything isn’t perfect all the time, but the dominant momentum of my life is absolutely undeniable.” – M.P. in Connecticut

“You are a miracle worker. Every time I attend an event with others who know you, we all talk about how amazing our sessions have been with you. Life-changing!”

“Taruna’s skills were instrumental in helping my body heal from an injury that was compounded by emotional trauma. I could actually feel the negative energy release from my body and haven’t lost one second of sleep over the underlying stress from that moment on!”

From a client undergoing cancer treatment: “This last treatment my recovery was exponentially easier than any other. Not only on this drug but also the first cocktail. Less body aches, less night sweats and the ones I did have were less severe. Also my resting heart rate is falling. Before the session with your it was up to 90 bpm. Now it is down to 82 and continuing to fall. I have also noticed that my balance has improved too. Another thing that I have experienced is improved mood. Monday was an emotional day after meeting with my surgeon but I was able to move through the anxiety easily. I have also been more peaceful with life as it flows. For example my dr was running an hour late but I never really noticed nor got upset. I forgot several things when I went to the grocery store and didn’t get upset, just went the next day. Although I do still have those chemobrain moments there are less of them as well. Another thing that has been happening this week which has never happened before is my dog has started snuggling with me on the couch. He normally has his head facing away and is near me. This week he had his head in my lap all snuggled in along side me on the couch several times.” – K.R.

“We’ve seen a big shift in anxiety with riders who had previously ridden with tension caused by a variety of things including fears of: not being good enough, not doing it right, Horses tripping, being run away with, riding down hill, and more. Releasing those tensions has jump started the riders skills by months because we are not struggling to overcome the anxiety throughout the lesson.” – A.H. in Maryland

I highly recommend Taruna as a Life Coach. She helped me overcoming an inner struggle, assisting me step-by-step to get something done. She’s very skilled to feel what is really going on just by your voice. She combines her knowledge in different areas to guide you through your plan and achieve the results you want.

Sheyla L.

“Taruna’s intuition and deep level of kindness is a true gift to her clients. Each time I have received a treatment from her, I leave feeling lighter, understood and with a greater understanding of myself mentally, physically and spiritually.  I highly recommend her!”

Ava Barron-Shasho, LCSW-C, ACC

“You and our coaching sessions have been amazing and positively life altering. …I was skeptical of our sessions at first. The initial crystal/chakra clearing was amazing. As our sessions progress, I continue to feel weight lifted from me. It literally feels like I am lighter emotionally, spiritually and physically. I was stuck in a negative rut. I was not the same happy person I know I can be. Through your coaching sessions, I’ve been peeling back the layers of spiritual and mental negative layers that were consuming my life and absorbing my happiness. I am starting to reap the benefits now! My marriage is back on track, I have a new job on the horizon and we’re not yet half way through our sessions. I can’t wait to see what the next several months hold!” – D.M.

“Expectations are always exceeded during my sessions with Taruna.  I receive what is needed most even if I don’t know what to ask for.  Each visit provides gentle yet powerful results even in my most difficult times.  I have experienced calmness, peace, comfort, balance, relief from chronic pain and much more.  The resulting improvement in physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being is priceless.”

Ella F., Laurel, MD

“Taruna is a wonderful and gifted healer.  She really senses what emotional issues are at the heart of the problem.  And not only does Taruna intuit what’s really going on (and her intuition is spot on), she is able to help heal the problem as well.   Taruna does a great job and she really cares about what she does.”

Anonymous, Columbia, MD

“Taruna is a gifted healer who uses her intuitive nature to guide her through her work.  Her sessions, both in person and distant, instill a deep sense of calm and healing and I would recommend her for whatever issues are being called to heal!”

Tracy Houchins