Property Clearing

We regularly clean our homes and offices physically – What would it be like to have your home or office energetically cleared, as well?  Over time and with life, a home, office, or rental property can accumulate heavy energies, which may include negative thought forms, the energy of heavy emotions, and other negative energetic attachments.  When your space is cleared of these energies, you may feel more peaceful and relaxed, sleep better, and be less irritable or moody in your home or office.  Prior clients have also reported feeling a lighter, more loving and peaceful energy in their homes and offices after a property clearing.  Energetically clearing a property is also great to do when preparing it for sale or rental, as the more peaceful, positive energy will make it more attractive to potential buyers / renters!

Taruna performs property clearings distantly, so they can be done for any property!

To schedule your Property Clearing Session, please click here.

Testimonials about Property Clearings:

“The photos of my rental home were just posted online and they look amazing. I definitely feel love and light and great energy comes through in them. Thanks so much!”

“It really feels lighter in the house.”

“I just got home and I feel the shift. It feels clean, comforting and calming and less dense.”