Arcturian Codex for Spiritual Development

What is the Arcturian Codex?

The Arcturian Codex is an Arcturian Healing Method process that helps accelerate your spiritual development, by imprinting into your energy field the information for the full development of your subtle energy bodies.  During the two sessions that comprise the Codex, you will receive 12 transmissions (described below) that help structure your subtle energy bodies, accelerating your spiritual development and the evolution of your consciousness.  A natural outcome of this spiritual ascension process is a strengthening of your spiritual gifts.  This strengthening and structuring of your subtle energy bodies carries forward into future lifetimes, and it accelerates your subtle body development towards what will come in the future for all humanity.

The Codex can be done in-person or distantly, over the phone.  The process requires 2 sessions of about 45 – 60 minutes each, spaced 24 – 72 hours apart, to activate the subtle body structures in your energy system.

There are 12 transmissions in the Arcturian Codex, each one strengthening a different part of your energy body.  During the 2 sessions of the Codex, you will receive all 12 of the following transmissions:

  1. Symbol of Life – The symbol of life is a network of chakras within and around the subtle bodies. Activating and strengthening your Symbol of Life allows you to carry information from previous lifetimes forward into current and future lifetimes, especially higher consciousness and spiritual abilities.  So if you have had past lifetimes in which you have worked to develop your spiritual gifts and abilities, those gifts will more easiy and quickly carry forward into the current life.  Similarly, higher consciousness and spiritual gifts that you develop in this lifetime can be more easily stored in your subtle bodies, for easier and more rapid unfoldment in future lives.
  2.  Activation of the 12 Lotus Petals of the Heart – Humanity as a whole generally has 6 lotus petals of the heart open, and our goal is to open all 12. This part of the Codex transmission activates all 12 lotus petals of the heart chakra.  When the heart is fully open in this manner, it allows for greater acts of self-love, loving connections with others, compassion, and self-less service.
  3.  Pineal Activation – The Codex lays the groundwork for current and future lifetime activation of the pineal gland, which is located in the center of your head, in the middle of your 3rd eye tunnel. Opening the pineal gland activates and strengthens your spiritual connection, your intuitive gifts,  and your ability to access information from your Higher Soul.
  4.  Thunder Chakra Activation – The Thunder Chakra is where your astral and etheric bodies connect to each other. It is the source of vitality and energetic strength, and where you are most embodied or incarnated.  Full activation of your Thunder Chakra results in owning your inner power.
  5.  Universal Grid Lines: This part of the Arcturian Codex connects your personal energetic meridians to the Greater Grid Lines of the Earth, other star systems, the Universe, and parallel universes.  Thus, your personal energy is connected to the greater expansive energetic circuitry of the earth, other star systems, and the universe.  This connection leads to multidimensional awareness and capacities.
  6.  Activating the 9 chakras above the head: This part of the Arcturian Codex strengthens the pillar of Light above your head and fully activates the 9 chakras above, starting from the crown chakra and rising above the head.  Each chakra above allows for higher consciousness and connections to higher spiritual beings.
  7.  Activating the 9 chakras below the body: This activation opens and structures the pillar of light below the body, providing full alignment, grounding, access to the earth’s information field, and conscious connection to spiritual beings of the Earth.  This activation also strengthens your alignment with the feminine aspect of God, the Divine Sophia, which is a spiritual being of the Earth.
  8.  Activating the Central Channel of Energy in the Body: This part of the Arcturian Codex opens and activates your central column of energy that runs vertically within your body.  Activating this channel allows all of your chakras to be connected, enhancing the flow of kundalini energy, and expanding awareness of non-dual states of consciousness.
  9.  Awakening of the Third Eye Tunnel: This part of the Codex clears and opens the 3rd eye tunnel and energy points within this tunnel.  This process allows for clairvoyance and higher states of consciousness.
  10.  Activation of the Belly / Lower Dantien / Hara / Cauldron: The belly center is your Will Center, and it is associated with your divine will and power.  This part of the Codex strengthens your Belly Center, allowing you to access your deepest desires, giving you the will to act, and to carry out your spiritual mission.
  11.  Activation of the Unicorn Light / Uraeus: The Unicorn Light, or Uraeus, comes from the forehead chakra.  The forehead chakra is used to sense sublte higher dimensions and see into the inner worlds.  This activation opens up energy centers in the forehead, which allow for sensing subtle higher dimensional energies.
  12.  The Guardian Shields: There are 3 Guardian energetic shields that protect your aura and subtle bodies from entry of negative energies.  They are known as the Wei Chi Fields in Chinese Medicine.  This part of the Codex brings these Guardian Shields online for your system, strengthening and structuring them.


To Schedule:  Two sessions are needed for the Arcturian Codex, spaced 24 – 72 hours apart.  This service can be provided either in-person or distantly over the phone.  Simply contact Taruna to get scheduled (!

Investment for the Arcturian Codex:  $333