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 Online Group Energy Session for Manifestation

Who would benefit?  This online group is to help those who want to manifest something in life, such as a new job, promotion, business, car, house, soulmate / relationship, baby, more clients, a book, or whatever else you might feel a desire to create or have in your life.

What?  This is a two-hour online group energy healing session designed to support you in manifesting what you would like in your life.  In addition to the group energy work, upon registering you will receive via email a workbook with coaching questions that you can complete before the energy session.  This workbook is designed to help you (1) focus your intentions for the energy work, and (2) help you get clarity on blocks and actions you can take to create what you’d like.

Where?  Online, via phone or computer, from the comfort of your own home

When?  Tuesday, March 26, 6:30 – 8:30 PM (Eastern USA Time)
**Participants will be sent a recording of thesession, so if you cannot make the live call, you can still receive this energy work on your own time schedule!

Investment?  Just $55 for the 2-hour group energy session plus workbook!

To Register, please click here

In the online group healing / manifesting session, we will do the following:

      1.  Centering, healing, balancing

We will begin by running energy frequencies to calm, balance, and center you so you are in an optimal energy for projecting manifesting intentions.  Sometimes we subconsciously block manifesting what we want because we need to forgive ourselves or others for past mistakes.  These frequencies will also help bring this healing and balance so you are open to receiving.

       2.  Clearing obstacles.
We will run energy frequencies that are designed to remove obstacles in a loving way.  Obstacles may be conscious or subconscious.  They may be in your own beliefs, stuck emotions, or negative thoughts, or they may be in your external world.

       3.  Gaining what you need more of, to fulfill your desires.
What might you need more of, to successfully create what you want?  For example, more knowledge, skills, stamina, energy, money, time, social support?  This frequency will help you get clear on the supports you need to create what you want, and will help you take action to get and receive those supports.

       4.  Magnetizing.
This energetic frequency will help increase your ability to magnetize or manifest your goals and desires.  It will help you get stuff done and attract abundance to you!

       5.  Awakening.
This frequency helps you remember yourself as creator.  It will help raise your vibration and knowing of your Oneness with the Divine.

       6.  Blessings.
We will finish up with blessings for you and your intended outcomes to be of benefit to all (including you, of course!).  This will include balancing your karma and shifting you to an optimal timeline for achieving what you’d like.