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Online Group: Opening Intuition

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Many people think of intuition as a special gift that few people have. However, intuition is accessing information and wisdom from your Soul. It is natural to everyone, and your birthright. You can cultivate the ability to access this inner guidance system at will.

Doing so can have many benefits for your daily life, including:

  • Making better decisions in work and personal life
  • Helping you navigate personal relationships in a healthier way
  • Giving you guidance when you’re feeling stuck, uncertain, or lost
  • Helping you feel more connected to Spirit
  • Making choices that feel aligned with your authentic Self

There are two main reasons people have trouble accessing intuition clearly and easily in daily life.  One is blocks, and the other is the structuring of your subtle energy bodies.

Blocks: Intuition is communication from your core, truest Self.  There is nothing woo-woo, scary, crazy, or dangerous about it.  However, many of us carry conscious or subconscious judgments and fears about intuition, from this lifetime and past lives.   Experiences in this and previous lives can lead to fear of intuition and other spiritual gifts, or even of connecting with your spiritual / True Self.  By healing and releasing these blocking beliefs and emotions, we have access to a clearer flow of communication from our True Self.

Subtle Body-Building: In addition to clearing the blocks, we want to be strong, solid channels for the flow of energy, light, and information.  We all know that when we do physical exercise, our physical body is able to hold and expend more energy.  In addition to a physical body, we also have etheric (pranic), emotional, mental, causal, spiritual, and divine bodies.  When people do spiritual practices (such as meditation), one of the effects is that the subtle bodies become more structured and strong, and better able to hold Light, energy, and information.  The flow of information between the various energy centers and structures is also strengthened.  The stronger and more structured our energy bodies, the better channels we are, and the easier and quicker it is to access our intuition and other spiritual gifts.  There are many other benefits to having structured and strong energy bodies as well, including spiritual ascension, emotional and mental stability, emotional resilience, and much improved capacities for manifesting.

I’m offering a group workshop in which we will both clear blocks and build your subtle bodies, to help you more easily access your intuition in daily life.

This workshop will consist of two, 1.5 hour sessions, over a Zoom platform.
Anyone who would like to have better intuition in daily life can benefit from this workshop, whether beginner or further along on the intuitive development path.

In the first session, we will:

  1. Develop a vision of what you and your life will be like when you’re more connected to your intuition in daily life.
    • I will share a technique for working with your Future Self, whose intuition is already open and connected.
    • Discuss ways to distinguish the voice of your intuition from the other “voices” in your head.
  2. Do group energy work to clear blocks to intuition.

In the second session, we will:

  1. Facilitate group energy work to strengthen and structure your subtle energy bodies, to be able to hold more light and information. After this type of work, many clients also feel shifts in their emotional stability, groundedness, and spiritual connection.
  2. Learn some very quick, yet powerful meditation practices to continue to develop your spiritual / intuitive connection. Doing these meditations for as little as a couple minutes a day will have benefits.

When?  February 26 and March 5, 9:00 – 10:30 AM Eastern Standard Time
Where?  Over a Zoom platform, from the comfort of your own space
Investment?  $55
Click here to registerhttps://ScheduleWithTaruna.as.me/AccessIntuition


Testimonials from Past Group Participants

“It was incredibly wonderful as all Taruna’s sessions are!!! I always leave her healings as totally transformed and feeling brand new and confident to cope with whatever comes up next!” – Michele B.

“I thought that the workshop was fantastic and one of the best I’ve attended. It struck the right balance between exercises, energy work, information, and your personal anecdotes (which were unexpected and extremely helpful).” – S.P.

“You have brought through you the loving, healing, Arcturian Star energy.  This has been the most helpful, powerful help (besides my guides, angels, Jesus, and so many other beloveds) that has come my way in the 4 sessions for years.  Thank you, thank you for bringing this to us.  You are a divinely sent midwife for my rebirth.”  – G.L.

“The four Blueprint Activation sessions were phenomenal, especially the third one which gave me such a surge of happiness and bliss, and the fourth one which grounded me in a great sense of peace, empowerment and love! Thank you!  Thank you!”   – Cathy

“Thank you so much for this group healing experience.  Your perspective following each session helped me to move forward in my journey of transformation!  I felt relaxed and empowered to take the next step.  Thank you, Taruna!”  – Remy, Ellicott City, MD