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Testimonials from Past Group Participants

“It was incredibly wonderful as all Taruna’s sessions are!!! I always leave her healings as totally transformed and feeling brand new and confident to cope with whatever comes up next!” – Michele B.

“I thought that the workshop was fantastic and one of the best I’ve attended. It struck the right balance between exercises, energy work, information, and your personal anecdotes (which were unexpected and extremely helpful).” – S.P.

“You have brought through you the loving, healing, Arcturian Star energy.  This has been the most helpful, powerful help (besides my guides, angels, Jesus, and so many other beloveds) that has come my way in the 4 sessions for years.  Thank you, thank you for bringing this to us.  You are a divinely sent midwife for my rebirth.”  – G.L.

“The four Blueprint Activation sessions were phenomenal, especially the third one which gave me such a surge of happiness and bliss, and the fourth one which grounded me in a great sense of peace, empowerment and love! Thank you!  Thank you!”   – Cathy

“Thank you so much for this group healing experience.  Your perspective following each session helped me to move forward in my journey of transformation!  I felt relaxed and empowered to take the next step.  Thank you, Taruna!”  – Remy, Ellicott City, MD