Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

There are many ways that Taruna can help support the success of your business, by working with the energy system of your business.

When you create a business, you create an energetic entity. Just as it’s important to keep your personal energy cleared and aligned to your goals, it is also important to keep your business’s energy cleared and aligned. This way, your business, as an energetic entity, can help support you in achieving your goals for your business, including financial goals, reaching the people you wish to serve, and making a positive impact on the world.

A couple things to know about Taruna’s services for businesses:

  • These services are all done distantly, over the phone, so your location doesn’t matter as long as you have access to a phone or computer!
  • These services can work for businesses in any industry, as long as you are open to receiving intuitive and energetic information that can support the success of your business.
  • Package pricing is available if you book more than one of the following services for your business at a time. Just ask!

To learn more about the business-related services that Taruna provides, please click on each category below:

Energetic Clearing of your Business

Energetic Structuring of your Business

Energetic Analysis of your Business