About Taruna

Taruna has had a life-long interest in healing, which led to completing her PhD in Clinical Psychology, and working for 15 years as a pediatric neuropsychologist. Taruna thus has many years of experience in understanding how to help people with different learning and thinking styles, and emotional or social needs. She also taught extensively about executive functioning, or the methods of setting goals, organizing, planning, and thinking flexibly to achieve goals. During her years practicing as a pediatric neuropsychologist, Taruna developed a personal interest in energy healing. Upon first experiencing the powerful effects that energy healing can have on herself, her fascination with this approach to healing grew. Taruna began taking numerous trainings and certifications in various modalities of energy healing, with her passion for this work growing as she witnessed the adults and children that she worked with experiencing significant reductions in stress levels, improved emotional balance, achievement of professional goals, and facilitation of physical healing. With her growing passion and interest in this work, Taruna made the decision to end her psychology/pediatric neuropychology practice in order to live her passion for helping people through coaching and energy healing.

As a Coach and Energy Healer, Taruna now assists her clients in figuring out their life purpose as well as more immediate goals and desires. She then supports clients in creating doable action plans that will help them achieve their goals, while clearing limiting beliefs / thoughts and emotions, and healing energetic blocks that stand in the way of success. Taruna thus combines her expertise in executive functioning, psychology, and energy healing, to help her clients create the life that they most desire. She has successfully facilitated physical healing, emotional healing, and helped her clients achieve personal and professional goals.

Taruna currently offers individual and group coaching and energy healing services. She works with clients both in-person in Columbia, MD, and distantly over phone sessions and webinars.