Create the Professional Life & Relationships that you Envision

~Discover Who You Are At Soul level

~ Activate Your Intuition & Spiritual Gifts

~ Release Unconscious Blocks

~ Feel Empowered To Take Purposeful Action

Taruna Barber, Ph.D.  combines her background in psychology, with her unique skills in coaching, energy healing, and reading the Akashic Records to help you:

  • Quickly identify and release unconscious blocks that interfere with your ability to achieve your professional or relationship goals
  • Activate your intuition, so you can clearly receive your inner guidance
  • Discover who you are at Soul level, so you can express your Soul’s divine nature and gifts in your life
  • Integrate your intuition and spiritual gifts into your everyday life, so they are not occasional aspects of yourself that you connect with in your private time.  Rather, your intuition and spiritual gifts are a part of the way you work, love, relate, and live.

As a result, just some of the results that clients report experiencing include

  • Improved / more harmonious relationships in personal life and at work
  • Professional advancement and greater career success
  • Improved emotional balance, with decreased anxiety, stress, worry, and depression
  • Feeling connected with an “inner GPS” of wisdom to guide decision making in daily life
  • Personal fulfillment and authenticity

By aligning yourself with your highest wisdom and spiritual gifts, and clearing subconscious blocks, you are able to create a life of joy and prosperity, that feels authentic, purposeful, and fulfilling.

Taruna invites you to explore this website and contact her with any questions!